Skate Invaders x Escarpment Surfers // Golf Balls feat John Barnet and Mathew Noseworthy

John Barnet and Mathew Noseworthy went north to escape the snow. They were blessed with 2 hours of sunshine.

Film/Edit: Jonathan Nuss
Music:DJ Earl – Valentra

Skate Invaders// Friend Times Six

Six friends skate invading the west in of Toronto.

Skate: Cindy Zhou, Eric Mroz, Jon Norman, Chris Ng, David Jackson and Jon Nuss

Film: Jon Nuss and Eric Mroz
Edit: Jon Nuss
Music: My Mysterious Friend – Interlude

Skate Invaders x Osns // Osns Spooky Shred 2014


Film/Edit: Jon Nuss
Music:  The Ghastly Ones – Surfin’ Spooks

Skate Invaders// Night Moves and Questionable grooves

The Skate Invaders fam jam east york skate park fun times!!!

Film/Edit: Jon Nuss
Skate: John Park, Eric Morz, Chantell Hill, Marcel Dionne, Matt Livingston, David Jackson, and Peter Harrington
Music: Dj Cam – Mad Blunted Jazz

Skate Invaders // Toronto Board Meeting 2014

THE 12th ANNUAL BOARD MEETING!!!!! The vibe was so large, it could stop all wars and bring peace to all nations. Thank you everyone and we’ll see you next year September 11-13,2015!!!

Film: Jon Nuss, Marcel Dionne, and Kevin Hughes
Edit: Jon Nuss
Music: The Eternal Feedback – Rockit Ship (aka Nuss)
The Illusions – Together

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Skate Invaders x Osns // Bm2014 feat Blowfly

BOOM BOARDMEETING WEEK OSNS WAS INSANE!!!!!    Big thanks to Longboard Haven for hosting the Friday movie, comet skate boards for having a movie, switchback for bringing the funk and blow fly for fucking your mom.   Skate for fun!!

Skate Invaders x Osns // Stuck in an Elevator

The most Epic Osns ever!!  15 people got stuck in an Elevator for 30 mins.  We are now sweat brothers and sister.  We also got stopped in the street and wanted to see David Bowies guitar to help promote a film….  umm yes??   ENJOY!!

Film/ Edit: Jonathan Nuss