Skate Invaders x Osns // Bm2014 feat Blowfly

BOOM BOARDMEETING WEEK OSNS WAS INSANE!!!!!    Big thanks to Longboard Haven for hosting the Friday movie, comet skate boards for having a movie, switchback for bringing the funk and blow fly for fucking your mom.   Skate for fun!!

Skate Invaders x Osns // Stuck in an Elevator

The most Epic Osns ever!!  15 people got stuck in an Elevator for 30 mins.  We are now sweat brothers and sister.  We also got stopped in the street and wanted to see David Bowies guitar to help promote a film….  umm yes??   ENJOY!!

Film/ Edit: Jonathan Nuss

Skate Invaders // Toronto Board Meeting //Slide Fu 2014

Slide Fu was a crazy day of ups and downs but had rad time skating as a family!!   We love you all and thank you for skating your hearts out as always. Thanks to all the people who donated money in fixing Jon Nuss’s lens!!!

FIlm: Jon Nuss and Marcel Dionne
Edit: Jon Nuss
Music: Doon & Rza – Books of war (instrumental)
Photo Jonathan Nuss

Special thanks to our sponsors Switchback Longboards Longboard Haven, Skate Invaders, Loaded Boards, Orangatang Wheels, Comet Skateboards, Sector 9 Skateboards, Rayne Longboards, Bombora Boards, Roarockit Skateboard Company, restless skateboards, cult wheels, and frenique

Skate Invaders x Bombora Boards // Be Like Brady

A day with Brady Brown at the Toronto Poop Chute.

Film/edit: Jon Nuss
Music: Ghetto Concept – E-Z On Tha Motion (Instrumental)

Skate Invaders // Fun on a run



The Skate Invader team just having some fun on a run.  

Skate: Jon Norman, Chris Ng, Jonathan Nuss, Eric Mroz, and David Jackson.

**Warning spotters used in this film do not blow corners with out them**

Film: David Jackson
Edit: Jonathan Nuss
Music: Hot Popcorn – space walk

Skate Invaders Bridge Party

Next party will be Tuesday July 29th!! Come join the party !! all skill types board types welcome!!

Every second week at underpass skate park we will be having a bridge party!!! Rain, snow, shine, nazi zombies from hell!! We will be there to party!! So stay tuned on our fanpage or for the next party!!

All skill types welcome!! come out and have some fun!!!

FIlm/Edit: Jonathan Nuss
Music: Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet – Shadowy Countdown

Skate Invaders Bickford Park Picnic 2

Round 2!! The lurk returns twice as hard as before. Now the most dangerous picnic in Ontario!! Thanks for everyone who came out, learned something new, ate some food, and whore a funny hat!!!

Big thanks to our sponsors, Loaded Boards, Orangatang Wheels Longboardism, Longboard Haven, and Bomboraboards