Skate Invaders x Comet Skateboards// Ithaca Skate Jam 2015

Big fun times in ithaca!!! Vibes where large and souls were on fire with a huge shredtastic vibe. Big thanks to the city of ithaca for letting this all go down!! Can’t wait till next year.

Film: Jonathan Nuss, Matt Bo, and Matt Livingston
Edit: Jonathan Nuss

Music: Bless/DMysticMc – Hazardous

Skate Invaders x Comet Skateboards // Ithaca Bowl Jam 2015

Invaders went back to Ithaca to have some fun at Shred City and Ithaca skate jam 2015!! The comet team was fired up and high energy shredding was going down!!! Thank for the fun friends!!

Film/Edit: Jonathan Nuss
Music: Flipper – ha ha ha

Skate Invaders // Slash and Destroy feat Tim Smith

Mr Oncredible aka Tim Smith brings shreddy good vibes everywhere he shreds with a skate everything style to call his own. Only good things to come from this man right here!!

Film/Edit: Jonathan Nuss
Music: Eric’s Trip – Listen

Skate Invaders x Comet Skateboards // Bruce’n USA (Re-Edit)

Skate Invader’s Bruce’n Usa video Re-edit contest submission. Give us a like share the love Bruce!!!

Film: Matt Bo
Edit: Jonathan Nuss

Music: Philosopher’s Drinking Song – by Monty Python (John Richter cover)

Skate Invaders x Roarockit x Bombora // #Swap8,S.I. Slide Jam Skate and Skate Loft After Party

BOOM!!! Nothing like the chill times of Swap to ring in the season. Big thanks to Roarockit and Bombora Boards for hosting such an amazing event. Thanks everyone who supported local and came down showed us all some love. Extra big thanks to Skate Loft for hosting the after party!!! What a crazy day with kinds of shredding!!!! YOU KILLED IT ONTARIO!!!

Film/edit: Jonathan Nuss
Slum Village – tainted
Madlib – Rebirth Cycle (Super Soul)
J Dilla – Purple

Jonathan Nuss: How to be a Skate Invader

Boom!  Check out this bad ass skate slate article featuring head honcho Jonathan Nuss.  Give you some history behind board meeting and how the skate invaders started.


Skate Invaders Vs Flatspot Longboards

Flying across the universe Nuss found himself on the adventure of the life time.

His good friends at Flatspot longboards/skate slate flew him out and asked him to document his experience out west. Nuss found himself in van/la Parkades, bowl jams, photo shoots, highway jams, park shred, dj nights and most importantly he experienced the and soul of skate boarding.

Special thanks to Papa Les and Mischa Chandler for bringing him out. Much love all the new and old friends!! We are all skate invaders. Keep skate invading the planet.

Film/Edit: Jonathan Nuss
Skate Invaders – winter dreams
Le Knight Club – Rhumba
the Marauder – the marauder (nuss’s college band love you guys)
Together – So Much Love To Give