It was the hottest day Toronto had to offer and Skate Invaders friend Eric Jensen was down to stack clips in the deadly heat. Local spot lurks made for some bizarre street interaction. Join Eric Jensen through the Toronto streets as he redefines what a “good canadian” is all about.

Film/Edit: Jonathan Nuss
Music: My Mysteriouse Friend –


Skate Invaders x Comet Skateboards – The Future feat Tim Smith

“Errybody is always talking about Tim Smith killing it
but he does the exact opposite of that. Watch this video
of Tim Smith making love to his skateboard, to ensure that
the future is bright” – David Jackson

Film: Jonathan Nuss Extra Film: Matt Bo
Edit: Jonathan Nuss
Skate: Tim Smith
Music: De La Soul – The Future
AKIR – Future [Ft. Immortal Technique

Skate Invaders x Toronto Girls Longboarding // Fubu 2015

FUBU!!! Yet again we had a rough weather weekend. Didn’t stop the stoke one bit!!! This fubu was off the hook and lady stoke was ultra high!! Thank you to everyone who brought stoke. Can’t wait for next year!!

Video/Edit: Jonathan Nuss
Music: Starfucker – Girls just want to have fun

Sponsors: Sector 9 Canada, Xs Helmets, Orangatang, loaded, skate blood orange, caliber trucks, longboard haven, switchback longboards, bombora boards, zero fucks bolt company, landyatchz longboards, and longboard haven

Skate Invaders x Mary Hill // Marry Hill Fall Freeride 2015

Skate Invaders were out full force at the Maryhilll Fall Freeride 2015. Brian Choi managed to get some shots and put together an edit from the freeride. Check it!

Film: Brian Choi, Luke Melo, Jakoop, Kurtis Dawe
Edit: Brian Choi
Music: Richard Vission vs Luciana – Primitive

Skate Invaders x Toronto Board Meeting // Old School Night Shred

150 people in the rain!!! Hands down the craziest osns to date!! We can not believe the stoke that people brought. Thank you so much!!

We hope to keep the Board Meeting Vibe going till the snow hits the ground. So stay stoked and keep watching the invaders for more to come.
Film: Smooth Chicken, Shawn P, Jonathan Nuss, Eric Mroz, Morrah Cameron.

Edit: Jonathan Nuss

Music: Charles Bradly – The World (is going up in flames)

Skate Invaders x Toronto Board Meeting // Slide Fu 2015

RAIN!!! Almost every skate invader event of 2015 has been rain on. So lucky for the hardcore kids that stayed everyone has gotten really good at rain skating. Thank you to everyone who dragged there hung over asses to the poopchute the wetest most hungover slack slide jam of the year.

Film/Edit: Jonathan Nuss
Music: My Mysterious Friend – um dia

Skate Invaders x Escarpment Surfers // The Toronto Board Meeting 2015 // Raw Lines and Clips

We had a film crew growing around making a high end doc for this years board meeting. We also had the gopro out and about so we made a little fun edit for this who like ghetto clips. Thank you to everyone who made the 2015 Toronto Board Meeting one of the best!!

Film: Shawn P and Jon Nuss
Edit: Jon Nuss
Music: My Mysteriouse Friend – Song 6

Thank you Comet Skate Boards, Load Boards, Landyatchz, Restless, Longboard Haven, Bombora Boards, Switchback, Amwood, Rayne, Hardfang Wheels, Sector 9 Canada, Zero fucks bolts, Roarockit, Orangtang wheels, The city of Toronto, Ontaio, Quebec, Bc, New York and Japan!!!