Skate Invaders// Learn to poop out a slide at the Pooper Part: 1

There was a lot of learning and skating and not much filming!! At the end of the day we had a go fast demo for the new people. Nuss came home to card full shenanigans thanks to Shawn and put this together for your enjoyment.

Big thanks to the 50+ plus people who rotated in and out at the poopchute. We hope to make this a monthly event!! So keep the stoke high and tell all your friends. ♥

Follow Cam: Shawm Thomas Prier
Film/Edit: Jon Nuss
Music: Snoop Dog cover by Nuss’s old band.

Skate Invaders x Bombora boards // Secret Outlaw

Super fun graveyard path race in some burly heat!! Thanks for good times Bombora Boards and Zero fucks bolt company for hosting.

Skate Invaders Shawn Thomas Prier aka took 1st place Es Araron Thomas 2nd and Skate invaders Eric Mroz in 3rd.

Film/Edit: Jonatha Nuss
Music: The Bold – Gotta get some

Skate Invaders // George Town Hairpins – A Day in the Rain

Skate Invaders had big plans to have yet another george town hairpins race!!! THEN IT RAINED!!!! RAIIIIIIIIINNNNNNED!!!! So a handful of us said fuck it and had great day! Skate for fun!!

Film/Edit: Jonathan Nuss
Music: Zomby – Spliff Dub

George Town Hairpins Raw Running Run 2010 Flashback

Onterrible at it’s best. Wiggling and diggling. cheat to win.

Final Heat:
1. Yung Eric Jensen
2. Adam Winston
3. John Barnet
4. Emmanuelle Catanyag

Mc Lovin on the M.I.C.

Film: A fat Jonathan Nuss (runner 2 bottom of hill), Rob DeFreitas(runner 1 top of hill) and Cindy Zhou (bridge)

Skate Invaders // Bickford Park Picnic 3

Rain rain go away!! 30 plus skaters still came out to play!! Big thanks to everyone who came out even though it rained for 45 hours straight. We didn’t get our day in the sun but the Oncredible family warmed our hearts.

Hope everyone enjoyed skating the Muff Daddy!! All skate park features were created or found from things we found in the trash! Go out and get creative kids!!

Sponsors: Bean and Baker malt shop(those cookies cocked go eat there!!) , Loaded Boards, Orangatang Wheels, Bombora Boards, and Longboard Haven.

Film/edit: Jonathan Nuss
Music: The Eternal Feedback – 50 ways aka Jon Nuss

Bombora x Matt Bo: Raw

This one is Raw folks.

Loaded Boards | Cindy’s Farewell from Toronto

Cindy has been a large part of the Loaded and Orangatang team as well as the Toronto scene for many years. She has made the jump to the West Coast and is now residing in Oregon. Sad to have such an important member of the community in Toronto leave, but wherever she goes, smiles are sure to follow.

Setup: Loaded Tesseract, Paris 43 Trucks, Orangatang 80a Fat Frees
Loaded Bhangra F2, Paris 50 Trucks, Orangatang 80a Kilmers

Skate Slate Article: